Established in the early 1900’s Somax has been supplying high-quality nightwear to the UK market for generations. Personal service and timeless designs have helped Somax grow into one of the most popular nightwear brands in the country.

Somax nightwear is made with traditional sewing techniques and we use designs from some of the best mills in the world. From winter flannelettes to summer lightweight cotton we offer fabrics that ensure a good night’s sleep.

We are one of the few nightwear brands that still offer tie-cord waist pyjamas, as well as elastic, and stock all products from small to larger sizes. Printed flannels, brushed cotton and coloured poplins make the Somax range available to all ages.

We are proud to have had Somax nightwear feature on the small screen as well as the West End stage, we hope you will be happy with Somax in your own home.

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